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This is mainly used in perfumery in the form of its compound, like Jasmine aldehyde (alphaamyl cinnamic aldehyde) and cocounut aldehyde. It is also used in the preparation of Heptyl Alcohol, Heptanoic Acid etc… Which have subsequent usages in various industries.It is a colorless liquid with a penetrating odour.
   Physical Properties :  
Description Properties
Molecular Formula CH3 (CH2)5 CHO
CAS No 111-71-7
Molecular Weight 114.18
Solubility Soluble in 3 volumes of 60 % Alcohol
Specific Gravity @ 25 / 25°C 0.814 - .819

Refractive Index @ 20 °C

1.412 - 1.420
Boiling Point 152-154 °C
Acid Value 6 max.
Aldehyde Contents
(By Oxime Method)

92 %  min.
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