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  HEPTALDEHYDE in mainly used in perfumery in the form of its compound, like Jasmine aldehyde (alphaamyl cinnamic aldehyde) and cocounut aldehyde. It is also used in the preparation of Heptyl Alcohol, Heptanoic Acid etc… Which have subsequent usages in various industries.
  UNDECYLENIC ACID is used in perfumery ,toiletries, cosmetics, medicinal application, etc. Its compounds, peach aldehyde and C16 aldehyde, find application in perfume formulations. As anfungicide it is used tropically in skin oinments and powders. It is also being used as antifoaming and surface active agent. As its sulfo - succinate derivative it is used in anti-dandruff shampoos.
It has got application in manufacturing of ALKYD RESINS.
It has got applications in manufacturing of phenyl, alkyd resins, in metal working fluids, such as wheel drilling, in preparing motor varnish, in black paint, in anty - corrosive paints, in soap industry etc.
Medically it is used in Rheumatism, Leprosy, Eczema, and other skin diseases, and Industrially it is used for coating of baskrts, boat planks and other wood work as preservative and water proofing material.
Methyl Ricinoleate
  1. Methyl Ester of Castor Oil is used in place of Castor Oil in the production of hydraulic fluids.
  2. Methyl Ricinoleate is found to be of use in ethyl  cellulose, nitrile rubber, nitrous and polyvinyl butyral lacquers.
  3. Methyl Ricinoleate ( methyl ester of ricinoleic acid, ricinoleic acid methyl ester is used in several lubricating formulations, cutting oils and gear oils, motor fuels, cylinder lubricants etc
  4. Methyl Ricinoleate ( methyl ester of ricinoleic acid, ricinoleic acid methyl ester )delivers additional benefits of anti- rusting and corrosion.
  1. As a precursor for undecylenic derivatives for cosmetics and personnal cares
  2. As an intermediate in the synthesis of aromatic chemicals.
  3. used as a starting material for derivatives used for their anti-fungal.
  4. properties in personal care and pharma formulations
  5. Methyl Undecylenate is a raw-material for many important perfumery chemicals.
  6. Methyl Undecylenate is also used in metal working fluids and lubricants.
  7. Methyl Undecylenate can also be a raw material for several derivatives used in the personal care industry for its anti- fungal properties and detergency. Methyl undecylenate  is used in the manufacture of synthetic insect pheromones.
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