AKSHAY CHEMICALS is a leading manufacturer of High value added castor oil derivatives. At Akshay Chemicals we manufacture GENERATION II and III castor oil derivatives complying with highest standards of quality in the field. Castor Oil is a biodegradable and renewable resource for a large range of raw materials.

In spite of being the largest castor oil exporter by far (75% of global exports), India is able to capture only about 25% of the total value from the market. We are part of Make in India Mission. The Make in India initiative was launched by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in September 2014 as part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives. Devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub.

We have set up our unit in Maharashtra’s backward region i.e. VIDHARBHA. We will also be going for Backward Integration. Our Target is to be a fully integrated business unit. Future plans are to undertake and implement Contract farming initiatives. This will Encourage Growth of Castor in Vidarbha region and thus will provide support to castor farmers.

Also we are fully convinced by our Government’s SKILL INDIA initiative and so we are trying to provide skills and develop the skills of people of our region, by employing young generation of our region.

Castor oil and its High value derivatives are a recurring element in the processing and manufacturing stages of industries spanning the heavy duty hydraulic machines to its polar opposites, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Seeking to expand the horizons of our company’s business and capturing a hefty share of the market, Akshay Chemicals offers a highly sought after range of castor oil and its high value added industrial utility chemical derivatives. Our product portfolio is quite an expansive one, offering chemicals that are used by a wide base of the industry, such as flavour & fragrance , pharma , etc all of whom are satisfied by the quality and reliability of our products.

The company’s main objective is to ensure that all its products are consistently manufactured to the appropriate quality and the client can trust the product as being consistent in quality. Industrial utility chemical compounds need to be perfect in all their composition and solution characteristics as even minor variations from the desired values ends up deteriorating, or damaging, the whole batch. Keeping the same in mind, Akshay Chemicals not only utilizes superior grade and pure chemical substrates in synthesizing its range of castor oil derivatives, but also undertakes a number of post-production tests to ascertain their chemical quality.

To achieve these objectives, a quality control assurance system has been developed. We have installed in house modern quality control lab equipped with all testing facilities.

Great emphasis is placed on “R & D” and constant up-gradation at all manufacturing sites. The company has a fully equipped and fully functional R&D department. All the products manufactured by the company are developed in house in our own R & D laboratory.

We are also focusing on Forward Integration. Our aim is

  • Comprehensive Market mapping for new customers/ products
  • Interface with large multinationals/ end consumers

Protection of the environment is of importance to us, and due attention and high priority is given to ensure environmental protection.

The objective of the company is to make the utmost use of its man power and infrastructural resources in order to earn a reputation of being an ideal partner for companies in the speciality chemicals, Flavour & Fragrance industry ,pharmaceuticals and other industries as they seek to optimize and expand their own business operations.

The company’s objectives also include development of various speciality chemicals as per clients need and specifications.

We recognize that an important part of achieving these objectives is dependent on our intellectual capital and the motivation of our personnel.

We encourage a proactive team culture and take steps to keep everyone abreast of latest developments in technology and operative management systems through employee training and concrete opportunity for advancement.