Ricinoleic Acid

Ricinoleic acid is obtained from castor oil through hydrolysis. It is manufactured by saponification of hydrolyzed castor oil.

RICINOLEIC ACID – R.A. (Castor Oil Fatty Acid) is manufactured by careful splitting of selected castor oil. It is yellow to amber coloured viscous oily liquid with characteristic odour.


  • SOAPS: RICINOLEIC ACID can be reacted with different bases eg. Caustic, ammonia, ethanolamines etc to prepare soaps having the desired characteristics, eg. Solubility, physical characteristics, polarity etc, as required for different applications. Some of the applications of these materials are in Cutting oils, Industrial lubricants, Emulsifiers & Metal-working compounds. These compounds impart lubricity & rust-proofing characteristics. Transparent bar soaps & high solids liquid soaps are made possible by using RICINOLEIC ACID. RICINOLEIC ACID-soaps also enable the solubilization of phenolic & cresylic bodies in industrial germicides, disinfectants & heavy duty detergents.
  • SURFACE COATINGS: RICINOLEIC ACID are efficient pigments & dye dispersants which find uses in inks, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, etc.
  • TEXTILES: RICINOLEIC ACID provide polarity, surface wetting & lubricity. RICINOLEIC ACID can be used as such or In form of their amines, esters, sulfates, soaps or ethoxylates etc. derivatives as required for use in lubricants and softeners.
  • RUBBER: The sodium & potassium soaps of Ricinoleic acid are emulsifiers & foam stabilizers.
  • FOODS : RICINOLEIC ACID is used to manufacture Poly Glyceryl Poly Ricinoleate (PGPR) a key ingredient in chocolate products.
  • VINYL POLYMERS: The sodium soap is useful as emulsifier, stabilizer & defoamer for emulsion polymerization of resins such as PVC & PVAC
  • LEATHER CHEMICALS: Ricinoleic Acid is used for the treatment of leather. It provides good wetting, flexibility and softening property to leather.


Acid value(fresh sample) 175 Min
Saponification value 180 – 190
Hydroxyl value (fresh sample) 150 Min
lodine value 80 – 90
Colour gardner 5 Max or 7 Gardner
Specific gravity @ 27° C 0.935 – 0.945
Unsaponifiable matter 1% Max


Epoxy coated MS/HM-HDPE Drums of 200/220 kg. net or in liquid bulk containers

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