Castor Oil Derivatives

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  • Undecylenic Acid

    Undecylenic Acid is a natural or synthetic fungistatic fatty acid, antifungal.That is, it is a compound that inhibits the growth of fungi.

  • Heptaldehyde

    N-HEPTALDEHYDE is a colorless, oily liquid with a penetrating fruity odor. Insoluble in water and less dense than water.

  • Zinc Undecylenate

    Zinc Undecylenate is a natural or synthetic fungistatic fatty acid. It  is used topically in creams against fungal infections.

  • Oenanthol Bisulphite

    Oenanthol is derived from natural source from castor oil so it is called an organic fungicide.

  • Heptaldehyde Sodium Bisulphite

    Heptaldehyde sodium bisulphite is non-volatile and therefore, is retained longer on the surfaces where it is applied.

  • Heptanoic Acid

    Heptanoic Acid is an oily liquid with an unpleasant odor. It is used to prepare sodium heptanoate, which is used as a corrosion inhibitor.

  • Methyl Ricinoleate

    Methyl Ester of Castor Oil is used in place of Castor Oil in the production of hydraulic fluids. Phenol- Formaldehyde molding resins.

  • Methyl Undecylenate

    Methyl Undecylenate is also used in metal working fluids and lubricants. Properties in personal care and pharma formulations.

  • Ricinoleic Acid

    Ricinoleic acid is obtained from castor oil through hydrolysis. It is manufactured by saponification of hydrolyzed castor oil.

  • Zinc Ricinoleate

    Zinc ricinoleate is a major fatty acid found in castor seed oil obtained from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant.

  • Calcium Undecylenate

    Calcium undecylenate is an extremely effective, well-tolerated, broad-spectrum antifungal.

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