Undecylenic Acid

Undecylenic Acid is a natural or synthetic fungistatic fatty acid, antifungal.That is, it is a compound that inhibits the growth of fungi.


COMMON NAMES : Undecenoic acid ; 10-UNDECENOIC ACID 10-Undecylenic acid ; Undec-10-enoic acid ; 10-Hendecenoic acid

Undecylenic Acid (C11H20O2)  is a natural or synthetic fungistatic fatty acid, antifungal .That is, it is a compound that inhibits the growth of fungi. It is a fatty acid that may be synthetically manufactured or extracted from sources in nature. It is prepared via the distillation of castor oil. Undecylenic Acid is used topically as a zinc salt in various creams against fungal infections, eczemas, ringworm, and other cutaneous conditions. The zinc provides an astringent action, reducing rawness and irritation.Undecylenic acid is also known as 10-undecenoic acid. It is approved by the FDA for topical administration and is included in the official Inactive Ingredient Database.

Undecylenic acid is found in black elderberry. Undecylenic acid is a flavouring ingredient.

It is used in perfumery ,toiletries, cosmetics, medicinal application, etc. Its compounds, peach aldehyde and C16 aldehyde, find application in perfume formulations. It is also being used as antifoaming and surface active agent. As its sulfo – succinate derivative it is used in anti-dandruff shampoos

Physical Properties

Molecular Formula CH2 = CH(CH2)8 COOH
CAS No 112-38-9
Molecular Weight 184.3
Solubility Practically insoluble in water, miscible with Alcohol, Chloroform, Ether, Benzene, etc.
Identification Passes B.P. Test
Freezing Point 21-24°C
Refractive Index @ 25 °C 1.447 – 1.448
In Gardner Less than1
In APHA units Less than 80
Color in 5 2/4” (Lovibond Cell) Yellow,0.6 Red
Acid Value 300
Saponification Value 305Max
Iodine Value 136-139
Sulphated Ash 0.1% Max
Water Content 0.1 Max
Water Soluble Acids Passes B.P. Test
Neutral Fats & Mineral Oil Passes B.P. Test

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