Uses of Castor Oil Derivatives

There are boundless uses, some prevalent while others yet to be discovered, uses of castor oil derivatives, some of whose names and their utility scenarios are presented below in a tabular form:

Used in perfume making for synthesis of fragrant aldehydes and in processing of heptyl alcohol.

Used to make fragrance, bathroom and toilet essentials, cosmetics as well as fungicides, surface active agents and a number of skin ointments. A variety of compounds useful as bactericides, fungicides & insect sprays are produced from Undecylenic Acid.

Owing to its antifungal properties, it is used in formulation of pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic and personal care products. It is also used in manufacturing of aromatic chemicals, detergents and synthetic insect pheromones.

Used as an alternative of castor oil in making hydraulic and lubricating fluids such as motor fuels and gear oils, and also used in processes related to ethyl cellulose and nitrile rubber . Used in anti- rusting and corrosion formulation.

It is primarily used to make anti-corrosive paints and also used soap making in addition to its utility in manufacturing metal working fluids for drilling purposes and also motor varnishes

One of its main uses is to make coatings materials for wood products such as boat planks and also used as a reliable preservative and water proofing solution.

Plasticizers for laminated glass, tracer for butter etc. It is used to prepare sodium heptanoate, which is used as a corrosion inhibitor. Its ester derivatives are used in the fragrance and flavor industries as well as cosmetics

It has High quality, Effective, Safe, reliable and cost effective for formers. It exhibits strong fungicidal activity by inhibiting spore germination. It cures a large number of disease like Tikka Disease, Rust, Blight, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Spot, Damping on, Rot, Anthracnose Pythium, etc.

Zinc Undecylenate is used for its anti-fungal properties. It is used as an active ingredient in powders and ointments for athlete’s foot. Zinc Undecylenate act as co-emulsifier in personal care products and as Fungicide, antibacterial agent in medicine.

Zinc Ricinoleate is used in cosmetics applications, deodorizing means eliminating or preventing unpleasnt odors, are highly effective active deodorizing substances. It has good odor absorption properties. Many odor removal formulations incorporate Zinc Ricinoleate as an activ ingredient.

Castor oil is often used in cosmetics to promote hydration and often added to products like lotions, makeup and cleansers. We can also use this rich oil on its own as a natural alternative to store-bought moisturizers and lotions. Castor oil is thick, so it’s frequently mixed with other skin-friendly oils like almond, olive and coconut oil to make an ultra-hydrating moisturizer.

Ricinoleic acid serves as an excellent reactant for the synthesis of several different derivatives including Sebacic acid, Undecylenic acid, Methyl ricinoleate, Hydroxy stearic acid(HSA) etc. Ricinoleic acid has been used in contraceptive jellies. Ricin acts as a blood coagulant. It is used in dispersion of pigments and dyes. Macrolactones and polyesters can be derived from ricinoleic acid.

Highly Water soluble, Low dose required, high self-efficacy, no staining on sprayed leaf or surfaces and can be tank-mixed with half doses of Vigor is highly recommended. The solid filler (75-80%) used to make 20-25% solid is acts as a fertilizer. So 20% of oenanthol bisulfite shows dual activity both as a fungicide as well as fertilizer.

It is an eco-friendly non-residual, 100 % bio-based fungicide, harmless to beneficial insects and bees, that offers human and environmental safety. It exhibits prophylactic and curative efficacy which acts against various stages of the pathogenesis. Long term Control over fungal Diseases.

It exhibits strong fungicide activity by inhibiting spore germination. It helps to prevent and cure large no of fungal, viral and bacterial diseases like Tikka Disease, Rust, Blight, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Damping Off, Root Rot, Gamosis, Anthracnose, Pythium, Oliy Spot, Canker, etc

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